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List of Presentations

  • The Linguistic Construction of Personal and Group Identity – Structure, Pragmatics, Cognition (26 – 28 September 2013, Heidelberg, Germany) "The multimodal self-presentation of bloggers"
  • Anglistentag 2012 – Sektion Electronic Discourse (19 – 21 September 2012, Potsdam, Germany) "How to stop strange people speaking to me – A syntactic and interpersonal perspective on offering advice online"
  • ICQM 3: Quoting Now and Then – 3rd International Conference on Quotation and Meaning (19 – 21 April 2012, Augsburg, Germany) "What’s the point? – Forms and functions of decontextualized quotes now and then" (Co-Presenter: M. Kirner)
  • 12th International Pragmatics Conference – Pragmatics and its interfaces (03 – 08 July 2011, Manchester, Great Britain) "Nice to see you still thinking of me" – (Re-) defining interpersonal relations via quoting in online message boards (Co-Presenter: C. Hoffmann)
  • 5th International Symposium on Politeness (30 June – 02 July 2010, Basel, Switzerland) "Please, drop me a line! – The constitution of face in online message boards"
  • ISLE 1: First Triennial Conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English (08 – 11 October 2008, Freiburg, Germany) "Message boards – How to establish common ground in a hybrid genre" (Co-Presenter: W. Bublitz)
  • ILKA, Interdisziplinäres Linguistisches Kolloquium Augsburg (09 July 2008, Universität Augsburg, Germany) "Flattering and flaming – (Un)Höflichkeit in Chats, Foren und Message Boards"